VIP Vital Elements 4 Health Program

VIP Vital Elements 4 Health Program
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Vital Elements for Health – VIP Package

The VIP package is your opportunity to “have it all” with one-to-one coaching and advice over six months to craft your own health program.

Monthly meetings in person or on the phone, with Gayle with one-to-one coaching for six months.  In these meetings Gayle will be helping you to look beyond the obvious and create an individual, tailor-made, health program by thinking “outside the box” and this will bring you remarkable results to your health and ALL aspects of your life!

 Individual monthly coaching – 1-2-1

 Complimentary Health and Vitality Startegy Consultation

 Downloadable MP3s of each call/meeting;

 Vital Elements Notes (digital private newsletter for members only)

 CDs of all call/meeting recordings delivered to your door.

 2 “SOS” calls over the duration of the programme, if needed. Maximum half an hour each. The “Get out of jail” ticket if you hit a rocky patch.

 Regular health and vitality newsletters and ezines

 Weekly accountablility to keep you on track

  • As part of the program, you may be required to have private treatments and consultations with Gayle or other professionals as advised. These are chargeable separately, as are any supplements that may be recommended etc.

  • If you wish to start on this program immediately and pay the full cost, you will have a Complimentary Health and Vitality Strategy Consultation with Gayle Palmer.

  • NB If you have any concerns during the programme or wish to speak with your Doctor please do so. The advice and recommendations given are NOT a substitute to seeing your Medical Practitioner / GP.

  • Agreements of the program:

Whilst you will get individual attention and coaching, this program also offers small, group coaching each month by teleseminar (phone-in).  As part of your agreement to take part, it is therefore imperative that the discussions that take place between the participants and professionals remain CONFIDENTIAL. Your agreement as part of the program is to be willing to maintain that confidentiality for yours and others benefit. Thank you.
You further agree to

  • arrive promptly for all meetings / calls and participate actively in them or if it is a group teleseminar / webinar be on the call on time.
  • come with an open mind and willingness to help others as well as yourself.
  • If you have an issue with an aspect of the course to speak with Gayle firstly or someone who can make a difference, rather than just complain but take no action.
  • This is a non-refundable committment to your health.

Price: £4,500.00  LIMITED NUMBER OF CLIENTS! This course is by application.  

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