Super 10 5litre size

Super 10 5litre size
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Super 10 is a powerful cleaning agent with an industrial strength! It penetrates, emulsifies and dissloves even the toughest grime and grunge. Although great for “industrial” uses it can also be used in the home and you dilute it usually 5:1. Wipe away finger stains, black heel marks, clean residue on tiles and grout. Clean garage floors or stains from fabrics. More Details Bio-degradeable formula! Penetrates grime. Dissolves the dirt and grease for easy removal. Emulsifies it into the water for easy cleaning! Harmless to surfaces as long as you can use water on that surface normally. Highly concentrated - it is diluted for normal use. Saves using a host of other products that may be harmful and cost more. Leaves no soapy residue.

Totally safe around children, in concentrated or diluted forms. Use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, on upholstery, in the garage and on outdoor BBQ's, driveways etc.

Used worldwide for 30 years!

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