Osteopathic Consultation Voucher

Osteopathic Consultation Voucher
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Purchase an initial Osteopathic Consultation with Gayle Palmer D.O. which involves:

* a detailed consultation, examination and usually a treatment as well!

This takes half an hour and is ideal for those who are experiencing pain, discomfort, loss of function in their bodies or struggling with all that life can throw at them.

Exactly what treatment may be given will depend on the individual at the time. It could be traditional Osteopathy, cranial Osteopathy and it may include advice about syupplements, dietary changes, exercise advice, postural advice or lifestyle changes.

Gayle Palmer has been qualified for over 20 years so you can be reassured that her professional experience and guidance will be able to help you. If she needs to refer you to someone else that can help you further she will do this. (You may be asked to partly dis-robe. Your modesty is always preserved.)

Follow-up treatments may be recommended as may exercise advice, dietary advice etc. Suitable for children and adults alike. No two consultations are ever alike as each person is unique and require unique solutions.

YOUR health IS my PRIORITY. Place your healing in my hands.


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