Health and Vitality Strategy Consultation

Health and Vitality Strategy Consultation
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Health and Vitality Strategy Consultation – getting clear on your health goals

Strategy Consultation

Sometimes we don’t know how to achieve this

In this 90 minute consultation, either in person or on the phone, with Gayle Palmer you will get:

  • A clear picture of your state of health right now in all areas of your life

What is working for you or Not working for you or Not working as well as you would like it to

  • Identify your health and wellness aims and goals and even your wildest dreams! on a physical, mental, emotional or other level
  • Get clear about why you want to make a difference to your health right now
  • A step-by-step 5 stage plan of how to achieve these aims and goals
  • Simple actions and hot tips that you can put into practice right now and begin to make progress towards your ultimate goals
  • A clear pathway so you can take further action

 Why is it so important to take action NOW and not put it off for another moment?

Your enhanced health and vitality – the real, beautiful, healthy YOU are waiting to meet you… just around the corner!

Book your consultation now and take the next step by investing in your health.

The investment for the consultation is just £175 (for a limited period). Actual value of the consultation £450.00.

  •  If you go on to upgrade to a higher program the cost of the consultation gets refunded to you.

Once you have booked your consultation we will email you a health questionnaire to complete before you have the consultation. This helps Gayle to help you as much as possible in the time allowed.

There are limited places for these consultations, only 4 per week, so call me now on

01243 641665 or email me to reserve your place.

YOU are important. The only one who can decide to improve your health and vitality is YOU.

Go on! Take that first step…buy now…you are worth it! 

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