Carotenoid Complex

Carotenoid Complex
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Carotenoid Complex Our exclusive combination of carotenoid-rich concentrates comes from whole tomatoes, carrots, spinach, red pepper, strawberries, apricots and peaches, plus pure olive oil. Proven and patented to increase immunity by 37% !! Try it! Carotenoids, sometimes called ”nature´s crayons”, carotenoids are a huge family of colourful plant pigments, many of which act as precursors of vitamin A.

Carotenoids are responsible for the red in tomatoes, the orange in carrots, and the yellow in squash. They are also present in green plants such as spinach, where they obscured, or masked, by green chlorophyll. About 600 carotenoids have been identified so far – 50 to 60 of which appear in our food supply. GNLD Carotenoid Complete is the first and only product to deliver the full spectrum of carotenoids in a natural supplement! Each and every capsule provides the phytonutrinet value of an optimal serving of a wide variety of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables. * 3 capsules are recommended per day - more if you have a very low immune system. If you are not good at taking capsules, you can pop the capsule with a pin and squeeze out the contents onto some toast and then cover with some jam. Carotenoid Complex: Carotenoid Complex by GNLD

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